arts & craftiness (mandarin)

Join us for our NEW Arts and Craftiness class in Mandarin for preschoolers.

In this class, we learn Mandarin while promoting creativity and engage in arts and crafts activities geared for preschoolers. We explore and work with play dough, tissue paper,  buttons, pipe cleaners, wood, string, ribbon, cardboard, pasta, beans, rice, glue and more! Little hands will feel a variety of textures and tactile sensations.

Kids love experiencing new materials, new ideas, messiness, and fun with friends!!

Our Arts and Craftiness for Preschooler Playgroup fosters young learner’s language skills, fine motor skills, sensory processing, and prosocial skills.

One adult per child please. Space is limited.

For preschool-age children  2.5 – 5  years of age

TUESDAYS 11 AM – 12 PM (starts Aug 28th)

Led by Teacher Ronghua Zhang


Single Class Drop In  $27
8 class card (good for 1 year) $200

2 hours of Mandarin – If you’d like to take Le You You and Arts & Craftsiness back to back,  the fee is $50 for both classes.

May use class card for any infant-toddler playgroups. Drop in or Pre-register for a class card.

Please check our online calendar (updated daily) and review our studio habits.