Nathalie Fabri

Nathalie Fabri is a native french speaker. Nathalie’s family is originally from Belgium but she has lived all over the world — Argentina, Switzerland, Lebanon, Canada and the U.S. Her father worked for the United Nations and she attended French Lycée and English schools as a child. She now spends her time between San Francisco (where she has lived for 20 years), as well as Montreal and Belgium.

Nathalie earned her B.A in fine arts at Charter Oaks State College. She is a Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant who has worked in this role with students in Berkeley Unified School District. Nathalie has also been a preschool teacher in a French-immersion school. She continues to tutors children in art and French. Nathalie continues her dream job as an artist. To find out about Nathalie’s creative projects, visit fabrikations.

Nathalie joined our team at Seesaw in April 2015. She is excited to apply her knowledge of art, motor development and sensory processing while teaching young children French. Meet Nathalie at chouchou french!