Tween Talk

Tween Talk is a safe space for curious pre-teen individuals 10 to 13 years of age.

Our group therapy participants engage in fun activities and lively discussions about navigating this tricky transitional period. We focus on building skills for confidence, leadership, emotion regulation, healthy habits, assertive communication, stress management, independence, and relationship building skills.

In our small groups, we engage in interactive exercises, role-plays, discussion, and games. We present a variety of topics that may include: crushes, friendship boundaries, anger control, sleep, exercise,  coping tools for mood/anxiety, peer pressure, street smarts, and popularity.

Our groups are small, tailored, and led by a therapist. We meet weekly, throughout the year. We break during holidays. Each group is 2 or 3 pre-teen participants and a therapist.

Please call or email us to learn more and set up your Intake Consult session.

Telehealth sessions are available if preferable.

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