Our expert team provides consultation with parents, family members, and school professionals.

Ongoing consultation with parents is essential to our practice and fosters treatment progress. When appropriate, we also consult with family members, caregivers, teachers, and providers who are involved in the youth’s life. Our consultation services offer flexibility and convenience to our clients. Face-to-face sessions are best. However, when a face-to-face session is not feasible — email, FaceTime or phone consults may be provided.

We work closely with school teams (i.e., teachers, learning specialists, school counselors) to collaborate on strategies to support student success in the classroom and school environment.

We specialize in helping families navigate local schools (preschools to high schools) for placement considerations and educational planning.

We also work with providers (e.g., educational therapists, occupational therapists, SEL teachers, pediatricians) to share knowledge and excellent resources in our community.

To schedule a consultation, please contact us.