Licensed Psychologist

Join our Team of Licensed Psychologists specializing in Child Adolescent Clinical Psychology.  We are a boutique clinic with a small close-knit team and beautiful workspace. We offer tailored benefits, competitive salary, and the opportunity to work with a team of comprehensively trained and compassionate practitioners.  


Primary Job Responsibilities:

  1. Evaluation – Conduct neuropsychological, neurodevelopmental, psycho-diagnostic evaluation. Provide screening and evaluation with children and adolescents (ages 12 months to 25 years) — differential diagnosis, autism spectrum, adhd, learning disorders, anxiety, mood, intellectual disability, and giftedness/2e.
  2. Psychotherapy –  Provide therapy, parent coaching, and consultation.  Evidence-based psychotherapy, goal-oriented, skills-based, and brief. Tools and informed by CBT, DBT, social skills training, mindfulness, and ACT. Our clinic provides individual therapy, couple therapy, family therapy, and group therapy.
  3. Supervision/Training/Consultation – We are dedicated to training early career psychologists and therapists. Team psychologists provide training, supervision, and consultation with post-doctoral, predoctoral, and social worker trainees. 

Licensed Psychologists may focus on either Treatment or Evaluation. Specialist Skills:

  1. Training and experience providing neuropsychological neurodevelopmental evaluation for autism, ADHD, LD, and early childhood assessment.
  2. Training and experience providing skills-based, evidence-based therapies with children, adolescents, parents, adults, and families (i.e., CBT, DBT, ACT, social skills, parenting).
  3. Open to feedback and consultation and seeks to work on a close team.
  4. Experience working with culturally diverse international clients and families.
  5. Highly organized, detail-oriented, energetic, reliable, techie, and creative. 
  6. Multi-disciplinary team, school, hospital, private practice or private out-patient clinic experience. Work experience in various settings is preferred.
  7. Licensed Psychologist in California. Completed training from an accredited university training program in Clinical Psychology, School Psychology, or Combined Psychology. 
  8. Bilingual is a plus.
  9. Versatility as a clinician and provision of services including evaluation and treatment is preferred.
  10. Private practice or small business experience is a plus.
  11. Mac literate savvy.
  12. Child and family-centered service delivery. Your hours will primarily be after school and if possible, on Saturdays.
  13. Long-term commitment only. 

To Apply:  Please send us

  1. CV
  2. Cover Letter
  3. Sample Psychological Evaluation Report and/or Treatment Summary 

Please share with us:

  • What stands out for you at Seesaw?
  • Do you prefer to work in in San Francisco, Burlingame, or East Bay?
  • Do you own a Mac? Are you familiar with Mac applications and are you tech savvy?
  • Which languages do you speak?
  • What are your strengths as a psychologist and clinic team member?


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