Post-Doctoral Fellow Psychologist (Ph.D.)

We are seeking post-doctoral psychologist fellows to join our team. We are interested in skilled trainees who will specialize in serving a pediatric population and who are seeking training and supervision for neuropsychological assessment, evidence-based treatment and consultation with families and schools.

Primary Clinical Activities:

  1. Provide evidence-based interventions: Seesaw clinicians provide effective interventions for children and adolescents across multiple modalities including behavior therapy/CBT, social skills coaching, mindfulness, parent coaching and school consultation. Services are provided in individual, dyadic, family, and group formats, which includes social emotional learning classes and playgroups.
  2. Conduct comprehensive evaluations: Fellows conduct integrated assessments to address a range of referral questions about ADHD/LD, autism spectrum, anxiety, giftedness/twice exceptional, mood dysregulation, and developmental delay.

Candidate Requirements:

Candidates must have completed their doctoral training (Ph.D.) from university clinical science or scientist-practitioner training programs.

Clinical or School Psychology doctoral training and 1-2 years of experience conducting cognitive, academic, behavioral, social-emotional and infant-toddler developmental assessment and evidence-based interventions (i.e., CBT, SEL, behavior therapy).

To apply:

Please submit the following application materials to Sabrina Gabel, Clinic Director.

  1. C.V.
  2. Sample psycho-diagnostic or psycho-educational report (de-identified)
  3. Treatment summary or therapy progress note (de-identified)
  4. Two references
  5. Two letters of recommendation
  6. Cover letter describing experience with cognitive, neuropsychological, academic, social/behavioral/emotional assessment and evidence-based therapies.

Highly competitive stipend.

To view our Postdoctoral Handbook click here.