We provide evidence-based psychotherapy with children, adolescents, and adults.  We offer individual therapy, group therapy, family, and couple therapy. 

In treatment, our approach emphasizes and builds on the client’s strengths and skills. Our therapies are goal-oriented, collaborative, and brief.

We specialize in evidence-based therapy techniques including: cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), mindfulness/MBSR, acceptance commitment therapy (ACT), and social skills coaching. Through play, discussion, interactive exercises, and psycho-education — we build resilience, emotion regulation, empathy, assertive communication, coping tools, distress tolerance, and friendship/relationship skills.

Our therapists are compassionate and comprehensively trained experts. We help our clients improve and manage stress, anxiety, anger, interpersonal communication, social challenges, regulate emotions, communication, school functioning, and fulfilling friendships and relationships.

We appreciate neurodiversity. We support our clients through developmental life challenges including grief, loss, separation, and divorce. We specialize in working with multicultural, international, and adoptive families.

Individual Therapy

We specialize in working with clients presenting with mild to moderate challenges and/or exceptional needs. Our sessions are brief, tailored and semi-structured.

Group Therapy

For Group Therapy, we offer Dyads and Triads, which are particularly helpful for clients who are motivated to practice their social emotional skills with compatible same-aged peers. Social emotional skills are taught and rehearsed with a peer and therapist in a more naturalistic context. Participating in a Social Emotional Class at Seesaw can be beneficial for building skills in a safe, small group setting and to complement therapy. Playing and learning with a group of peers creates a natural setting to practice and generalize skills.

Parent Coaching

We work closely with parents and help to refine parenting practices and family harmony. Our therapists provide tailored interventions informed by empirically-supported parenting programs. Our Parent Coaching program is designed for partners, co-parents, and single parents.

Adult Therapy

Adult Therapy is available to college students and parents who are dealing with anxiety, anger, emotion regulation issues, work and family stressors, interpersonal communication, and relationship difficulties.

Family and Couple Therapy

We work with couples to enhance couple satisfaction and health. The therapist(s) provide support to the couple for emotional engagement, harmony, growth, conflicting values and roles, and effective communication. Our approach with couple therapy is cognitive behavioral.